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Professor Nicholas Aroney, University of Queensland

Trevelyan College

October - December 2017

Nicholas Aroney is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University

of Queensland. He is also a Fellow of the Centre for Public,

International and Comparative Law and Research Fellow of

Emmanuel College at the University of Queensland. In addition he

is an External Member of the Islam, Law and Modernity research

program at Durham University and a Fellow of the Centre for Law

and Religion at Emory University.

Professor Aroney has held visiting positions at Oxford, Cambridge,

Edinburgh, Sydney, Emory and Tilburg universities. Most recently,

he was a Visiting Professor of the Institut Michel Villey at the

University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas). He has published over

100 books, journal articles and book chapters in the fields of

constitutional law, comparative constitutional law and legal theory.

He has led several international research projects in comparative

federalism, bicameralism, legal pluralism, and law & religion.

His most notable publications in these fields include:


Constitution of a Federal Commonwealth: the making and meaning

of the Australian constitution

(Cambridge University Press, 2009),

Shari’a in the West

(Oxford University Press, 2010) (edited with Rex


The Future of Australian Federalism

(Cambridge University

Press, 2012) (edited with Gabrielle Appleby and Thomas John),


Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia: history, principle

and interpretation

(Cambridge University Press, 2015) (with Peter

Gerangelos, James Stellios and Sarah Murray) and

Courts in

Federal Countries

(Toronto University Press, 2017) (edited with

John Kincaid).

Professor Aroney is currently working on a monograph and an

edited volume for Cambridge University Press (with Ian Leigh).

During his fellowship at the IAS, Professor Aroney will undertake

research relating to these two projects.

The first focus of his research will address a suite of problems

associated with the constitutional status of the devolved parliaments

in the UK. These will include the legal and political issues arising out

of Brexit and difficulties in reforming the British Parliament to make it

more representative of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom.

The second will involve the early stages of a three-year project

examining the co-constitutive relationship between the evolving

religious beliefs, philosophical principles, political orders and legal

systems that have long characterised the constitutional systems of

the West.

Professor Dennis Beach, University of Gothenburg

Josephine Butler College

October - December 2017

Dennis Beach is Professor of Education at the Department of

Education and Special Education at the University of Gothenburg,

and the Academy of Library, Information and Educational

Science and IT at the University of Borås. He has previously also

been Visiting Professor at the Department of Sociology at Lund

University (2010-2011), at Malmö University (2005-2006), at

Linnaeus University (2007-2008), and at the Froebel Institute of

Roehampton University in London. He is currently Chief Editor for

the international research journal

Ethnography and Education

, and

a Senior Editor for the

Oxford Encyclopaedia of Education Research


He is the principal commissioned editor of a major new international

research handbook, from Wiley Publications, which represents his

latest major international publication. Co-editors on this handbook

are Professor Carl Bagley (Durham University) and Associate

Professor Sofia Marques da Silva (Porto University). 

These appointments reflect special areas of research interest, which

lie within ethnography and the sociology and politics of education

and teacher education. He has published extensively in these fields,

in research journals and book chapters and he has also authored,

co-authored and edited internationally published books on them in

relation to education policy, education and equity, education and

marginalisation, and the politics of education and teacher education

reform. In terms of his present research he is particularly interested

in the intersections between social class and race in the politics,

policies and history of education inclusion and exclusion in the

Nordic Countries, with these works being represented in press, in

progress and planned for future publications.

This work, which is tightly linked to the Nordic Research Center

of Excellence in Researching Education Justice (JustEd) will be

conducted as part of his Fellowship. He is a founder applicant for

and team leader in JustEd as a result of the acknowledgement

of his research in this area in the Nordic region. JustEd is a

multidisciplinary network examining justice and equity in Nordic

education systems and committed to promoting positive future


Professor Beach completed his doctoral research at the University

of Gothenburg on the problems of teacher education reform in

1995 and then worked first as a Senior Lecturer and then Associate

Professor before taking up a Professorship at the University of Borås

in 2004.

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