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Structuring Disciplinarity: history, theory, practice

Victorian Interdisciplinarity

combines expertise at Durham and

Leeds Trinity to build upon a current project called Victorian

Culture and the Origin of Disciplines, led by cultural historian

Bennett Zon (Durham) and historian of science Bernard

Lightman (York University, Canada). Begun at Durham’s Centre

for Nineteenth-Century Studies (CNCS), that project explores

the factors underpinning the coalescence of modern disciplines,

while problematizing conventional notions of disciplinary

crystallization and exposing deep channels of interdisciplinary

interaction. Led by a combination of scholars at Durham and

Leeds Trinity, including cultural historians Helen Kingstone and

Rosemary Mitchell, historian of science Efram Sera-Shriar and

Bennett Zon,

Victorian Interdisciplinarity

extends this project by

magnifying focus on the dynamics of interdisciplinary interaction

in the formation and promulgation of individual disciplines.

It tests the nature of Victorian Britain’s interdisciplinary project

by probing mutual implications in the genesis of arts and

sciences, including hard and soft sciences, social sciences,

humanities and performative arts. These topics are reflected in a

series of three main events comprising two separate workshops:

Victorian Interdisciplinarity and the Arts

(Saturday 25 November

2017, Durham);

Victorian Interdisciplinarity and the Sciences

(Friday 23 February 2018, Leeds Trinity); and an international

conference (Saturday 12 May 2018, Durham). Related events

are also being planned, including a CNCS workshop and guest

lecture led by Bernard Lightman (Monday 19 to Wednesday

21 February 2018), and activities at Leeds Trinity, including an

interactive workshop led by Bernard Lightman on publishing

strategies for early career scholars and postgraduate students.

For additional information about these events please contact

Professor Bennett Zon


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