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Key to all events

To find a specific workshop or conference, or to identify lectures within a particular public lecture series, please use the colour code

below. These colours will appear throughout the Calendar of Events section to help you find events at a glance.

Please note dates and venues may be subject to last-minute change. Additional events may also be added throughout the year.

Please review the IAS website in advance of any event you wish to attend (in case of any change).

Evolution and Dynamics of Industrial Structures and Ecosystems: innovation and productivity in industries

- conference

Fellows’ Public Lecture Series

Fundamental Structures

- International conference

International Energy Systems Integration

- workshop

Molecules and Models: seeing structures

- workshop

Structure and Explanation in the Sciences

- workshop

Structures of Inequality: sociology and the politics of responsibility

- workshop

Structuring Disciplinarity: history, theory, practice

- workshop series and international conference

The Future of the University

- public lecture series

The Structure and Properties of Mildly-broken Symmetries: consequences in Arts, Aesthetics, Music, Molecular Biology,

Zoology, Materials, Physics, Maths, Law and Psychology

- workshop series

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

- workshop

Thinking Ecologically about Policy and Structure

- workshops

Translating Structures/Structuring Translations

- Lecture series