IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 13

Output Fellows
The IAS Fellows engage in many activities whilst in Durham:
they develop existing as well as foster new collaborations
with Durham Departments; form new networks and contacts;
develop single authored articles, chapters and books;
co-write with Durham colleagues; develop grant applications;
and deliver several lectures and seminars.
Noted below is a brief summary of their outputs including
collaboration and networks initiated, developed or
strengthened with the departments at Durham including:
Dr Andrew Baldwin
Gave one public lecture, one seminar and a paper in the
“Resilience and race,” Experience of Emergence Workshop
Series. Submitted an ESRC responsive mode grant to
evaluate discourses relating to climate change and human
migration. Two papers published.
Professor Peter Cane
One public lecture and four papers given (Durham; Bristol;
Jerusalem), and one workshop (Edinburgh). One chapter
completed, and published.
Dr Nathan Citino
Delivered one lecture, two papers, one keynote, and
participated as a panel chair. Took advantage of Durham’s
library of Middle Eastern history and politics material
(including Arabic-language materials) to supplement the
research for his book (now published).
Dr Martin Coward
Gave one public lecture, four papers and one workshop
contribution in Durham. Established collaboration with the
School of Modern Languages and Cultures and returned to
Durham later in 2015 to contribute to ‘Terrorism and Affect’.
Strengthened relationships with Durham Geography scholars.
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