IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 15

Dr Kalyan Perumalla
Gave two seminar papers and one public lecture. Horizon
20/20 application submitted in collaboration with Professor
Theodoropoulos (Engineering and Computing Sciences).
Dr Stephanie Portet
Delivered one public lecture and four seminar papers given.
Two papers published.
Dr David Pritchard
Delivered three seminars and one public lecture (Durham;
Leeds; and Cambridge). Four papers written and submitted
(two published).
Professor Richard Read
Gave five seminars and three public lectures at Durham.
Collaboration with several IAS Fellows envisaged. Two papers
Professor Tim Thornton
Gave one public lecture and three papers in Durham. Four
papers written (one published and one in press).
Kai Weise
Gave a public lecture and convened a one day workshop
‘Revisiting Durham’s World Heritage’.
Professor Richard Bower
Gave four papers (two Durham; one Lincoln; one Sydney).
Potential future collaboration with Professor Garry Marvin
(Roehampton). Preparation for an article submission.
Development of possible Leverhulme application.
Professor Nick Saul
One article and one chapter submitted and published;
chapter concluded for forthcoming book; one paper given
(Oxford); and two papers given in Durham. Progressed two
funding bids – one AHRC; and a successful Fellowship
application to the Cologne
Institute of Advanced
Professor Martin Clayton
Literature review completed for forthcoming book and work
commenced on the manuscript (OUP publication).
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