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Helping everyone to think about the big ideas
of the present and future through art works,
video and audio recordings, public lectures,
performances and careers events.
The IAS remains committed to making research accessible
to broader audiences. Alongside its thematic programme, the
IAS supports a variety of additional activities in which, over
the course of the year, hundreds of members of the public,
academics and researchers from other institutions as well as
policy makers were able to participate.
Thinking About Emergence
public lecture series brought
a number of high profile thinkers to a wider public. The series
featured contributions from a wide-ranging field with physicist
John Barrow
(FRS); anthropologist Professor
Ruth Mace
(FBA); archaeologist Professor
Colin Renfrew
(FBA); evolutionary
biochemist Dr
Nick Lane
; historian Professor
Ludmilla Jordanova
philosopher Professor
David Papineau
; neurobiologist Professor
Colin Blakemore
(FRS); and classicist Dr
Mark Usher
A showcase of the Institute’s work is also its annual London
event which took place on 4th June 2015. This event
proved no exception in highlighting Durham’s links with
distinguished public figures.
On the Tipping Point
hosted at
the home of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England
and Wales (ICAEW) brought together a diverse panel to
question whether or not human behaviour can be influenced
en masse to avoid globally destructive tipping points. Led
by IAS Director Professor
Robert Barton
, the issues were
debated by Sir
Tim Smit
KBE (entrepreneur and founder of
Eden Project);
Tony Juniper
(environmentalist and former
Director of Friends of the Earth); Professor
Alex Bentley
(social scientist, University of Bristol); and Professor
Neil Ferguson
(researcher on infectious disease epidemics,
Imperial College London). Almost 250 guests, comprising
Durham Alumni, friends and colleagues of the IAS attended.
Engaging Public Audiences
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