IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 20

The IAS continued its commitment to the Durham Book
Festival with a debate
This House Believes That There is
Nothing New Under the Sun
. A key question contained in
research about
is whether there is really such a
thing as novelty. Can truly new ideas and practices emerge?
Or does history simply repeat itself in different forms? Are the
evolutionary and physical processes observe just the logical
outcome of development and environmental pressures?
Or do unexpected and novel things emerge? Two leading
Durham University researchers, classicist Professor
and geographer Professor
Colin McFarlane
, along
with Professor
Sugata Mitra
from Newcastle University and
author, broadcaster, classicist and former stand-up comedian
Natalie Haynes
debated whether there was really such a thing
as novelty.
The IAS and its partners in the department of Theology
and Religion, and the School of Government and
International Affairs also seek to bring leading scholars
and thinkers to Durham to deliver the
Annual King Hussein
Memorial Lecture in Cultural Dialogue
which advocates
reflection on intercultural understanding and intercultural
enrichment. Established in 2008 as part of the IASís Being
Human year, former Ambassador of India to the United
Nirupama Rao
delivered the sixth lecture,
Indiaís idea
of Asia: uniting diversity
. Her lecture explored the idea of
Asia as envisioned by Indian leaders such as Gandhi, Tagore
and Nehru, and focussed on the common concerns and
interests that bind India not only with East and South East
Asia, but also with West Asia. Can a single idea of Asia be
forged out of the diversity of interests and concerns that
populate different regions of the continent? Can India be a
bridge between the different regions of Asia? And can the
promise of Asia be realised?
Nirupama Rao -
Indiaís idea of Asia: uniting diversity.
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