IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 21

Brains in the Making
organised by Professor
Felicity Callard
of Hubbub (the inaugural residency of the Hub at Wellcome
Collection), Dr
Angela Woods
(School of Medicine, Pharmacy
and Health/Hearing the Voice) and Dr
Peter Garratt
Studies/Cognitive Futures in the Humanities) (supported by
the Arts and Humanities Research Council) aimed to draw
together researchers working within the neurosciences and
individuals with experience in or an interest in interdisciplinary
working within this field. The intention was to create an
environment in which to investigate interdisciplinary working.
A major objective was knowledge exchange and the transfer
of personal experience of interdisciplinary collaboration and
a particular focus was given over to what happens to existing
modes of enquiry in interdisciplinary exchanges concerning
the brain, and the processes by which new modes of enquiry
evolve. Three large interdisciplinary research projects
led by Durham University came together for the two day
conference. Over 50 people participated including academics,
researchers, medical practitioners and other individuals
with expertise in a broad range of disciplines within the arts,
sciences, and humanities including psychology, mental
health, and medical humanities, all sharing a common
interest in interdisciplinary working.
The major outcome of this programme included: an
enhanced network of interdisciplinary researchers and
key foundational work on future potential interdisciplinary
research collaborations; and insights from the conference
feeding into a publication by Professor Felicity Callard with
Dr Des Fitzgerald on interdisciplinarity.
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India’s idea of Asia: uniting diversity
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