IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 22

In 2014 the first ever festival dedicated to the humanities
was established.
Being Human
took place in November
2014 over a period of nine days across the UK. Over 160
organisations took part including Durham University as
one of many lead organisations. The festival was led by the
School of Advanced Study (SOAS), University of London
in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research
Council (AHRC) and the British Academy. The IAS has a
strong connection with SOAS both being members of the
Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Study.
Face-to-Face Encounters with Ancient Authors: Portraits
in Libraries
in collaboration with the ERC, Durham Book
Festival and the IAS showcased an exhibition of new and
ancient portraits, in the University’s historic library of Bishop
Cosin, Palace Green.
Organised by IAS Director Professor
Barbara Graziosi
the exhibition was inspired by a new research project to
investigate how the poets of ancient Greece and Rome
appear in both literature and art
(Living Poets: A New
Approach to Ancient Poetry)
. The main contention of this
project was that representations of ancient authors speak of
something crucial – not about the actual poets of Greece and
Rome, but about their readers. The Living Poets project has
also inspired an exhibition on entitled
On Seeing the Author:
Portraits in Libraries.
Engaging Public Audiences
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