IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 25

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Emergence: where is the evidence?
Accepted book proposal submission (Routledge);
development of several journal articles and book chapters; a
monograph on the metaphysics of mental causation; and an
edited collection of philosophical articles on new versions of
emergentism. Engagement of early career researchers with
project members.
The Experience of Emergence
Planned panel at 2016 IAS conference by Dr Gerald Moore
and Professor Nicholas Saul; future conference on Niklas
Luhmann and the Humanities; development of relationship
with Professor Gerhard Lauer (Goettingen) and associated
links to IHRR and grant application (Risk Humanities).
Emerging Mathematics
Development of international collaborative research network;
edited volume (with Routledge).
The (re)Emergence of Governance in a Region of Fragile
States: the Horn of Africa
Informal networking between Durham and Oxford; five-year
Horizon 2020 project.
Tipping Points in Modelling
Three joint articles submitted and published; fruitful
networking experiences.
Emergence and Extinction: Innovation, Progress and Change
Development of book proposal. Support acknowledged in
Leverhulme Trust Programme grant (co-supporters).
The (In)adequacy of the Emergency Paradigm
Formation of intellectual links and cross-disciplinary
interaction for scholars within and beyond the University.
Brains in the Making: Emerging Models, Methods and Modes
of Writing.
An enhanced network of interdisciplinary researchers;
foundational work on future potential interdisciplinary
research collaborations; and publication on interdisciplinarity.
Progress and Duration in the Long Nineteenth Century
Development of a new network on temporality; possible
future collaboration with with the University of Oxford.
Outputs (Activities)
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