IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 26

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Valuing and Evaluating Interdisciplinary Research
The IAS’s expertise in interdisciplinary research evaluation
has signicanlty grown in recent years. To support this
changing landscape the IAS continues to work closely with
bodies such as HEFCE and RCUK members, and to that
effect the IAS organised a bespoke workshop for Research
Council colleagues to address the key criteria that need
to be considered in the evaluation of interdisciplinary
research. With a view to ensuring that evaluative processes
are consistent and comparable, this event encouraged the
building of consensus on what these criteria should be, and
how they should be applied to project proposals, projects and
research outputs. The event resulted in wider collaboration,
and produced a report setting out its results.
Interdisciplinary Research: a practical guide
was published
in July 2015.
Designed to assist cross-disciplinary communication and
support collaborative interdisciplinary research, two additional
workshops were organised by the IAS this year. Devised
by IAS Executive Director,
Veronica Strang
, in collaboration
with Professor
Sandra Bell
in Anthropology, the workshops
involved IAS Fellows, collaborators and Durham researchers.
Navigating Interdisciplinarity
focuses upon the challenges
and opportunities offered by interdisciplinary research. The
workshop reflected upon different conceptual approaches
and models; different languages; different kinds of data and
forms of analysis, and different kinds of outputs across the
disciplinary spectrum. Through the use of anthropology’s
expertise in cultural translation, the workshop considers how
interdisciplinary collaboration can be fostered effectively.
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