IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 3

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1. Welcome
Welcome from the Directors
2. Overview
Insights and impacts from this
yearís research
3. People
4. Activities
Events and activities
5. Outputs
Books, articles and public engagement
6. Directions
Directorship and planning for the future
Durham Universityís Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) is one of only
a handful of institutes around the world that supports collaborative
research across the natural and physical sciences, the arts, the social
sciences and the humanities. Located in Cosinís Hall, a magnificent
historic building next to Durham Cathedral, and at the heart of Durham
University and within the World Heritage Site, the Institute brings
leading international scholars together to work on major research
themes of academic, policy and public interest.
The IAS places Durham right at the heart of an international
community of Universities considered to be the most innovative and
creative sites of scholarship. By fostering creative interdisciplinary
collaboration, the Institute generates cutting edge ideas that transform
thought and practice, and communicates emergent research to a
range of audiences with clarity and vision.
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