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‘The Institute is an excellent institution of
which Durham University can rightly be
proud. The intellectual and social atmosphere
is extremely stimulating.’
Professor Peter Cane
Andrew Baldwin
Peter Cane
Nathan Citino
Martin Coward
Dr Andrew Baldwin
Durham University
Geographer Andrew Baldwin’s research focuses on the
interrelationships between climate change and human
migration. His Fellowship allowed him to examine how the
concept of emergence might be used to reinterpret the
category ‘race’ specific to debates about climate change and
Professor Peter Cane
Australian National College of Law
St Mary’s College
Peter Cane is Distinguished Professor of Law at the ANU
College of Law. During his Fellowship he continued research
on the impact of the Great Depression on administrative law
in three countries, seeking to explain why its effects on the
law appear to have been much greater in the United States
than in either England or Australia. He established fruitful
links with other IAS Fellows, and strengthened links with
Durham Law School.
Dr Nathan Citino
Colorado State University
Trevelyan College
Nathan Citino is a historian of America’s role in the world and
specialises in U.S. relations with the Arab Middle East. He
completed a book manuscript,
Envisioning the Arab Future:
Modernization in U.S.-Arab Relations
, 1945-1967 (Cambridge
University Press). The interdisciplinary nature of the IAS
Fellowship and exposure to multiple disciplines gave him an
appreciation for the concept of
and its usefulness
in thinking about the cultural encounters between U.S. and
Arab elites.
Dr Martin Coward
University of Newcastle
Trevelyan College
Martin Coward works at the intersection of International
Political Theory and Security Studies and is particularly
concerned with questions of war, violence, (in)security,
identity, and community. The interaction and engagement
with his cohort of Fellows and Durham scholars influenced
his thinking and discussions with fellows working in the
sciences, and in particular impacted his thinking about the
practice of interdisciplinary research.
‘My experience at the IAS was a real highlight in
my academic career. Having the space to read,
write and think unencumbered by my ordinary
departmental responsibilities was incredibly freeing.’
Dr Andrew Baldwin
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