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‘The opportunity for exchanging ideas, and
time for reflection and abstraction that the IAS
provides and nurtures, was beyond price.’
Dr Val Jones
‘Never have I had, in such a short time, the
opportunity to listen to, meet, and discuss with
world-class scholars from such a diversity of
disciplines. The single most important impact
was that of being able to think carefully through
issues relating to interdisciplinarity.’
Professor Garry Marvin
Professor Alice Hills
Durham University
For Durham scholar Alice Hills the themes of emergence
and tipping points acted as prompts to theorise the nature of
police development in sub-Saharan Africa and encouraged
her to think more deeply about her understanding of state-
based coercive resources, sub-state security and police
development as aspects of political change in volatile non-
Western societies.
Dr Val Jones
University of Twente
St Cuthbert’s Society
Val Jones’ current research interests include Body Area
Networks for mhealth, and the application of modelling
approaches to the design and development of mhealth
systems. Her IAS Fellowship allowed her to investigate
opportunities and challenges offered by the future prospect
of personalised Telemedicine in the North East. Time
in Durham provided the environment for research and
Professor Garry Marvin
University of Roehampton
Van Mildert College
Social anthropologist Garry Marvin used his IAS Fellowship
to engage with a number of Durham scholars across several
disciplines including among others Anthropology and
Music. The single most important impact of his Fellowship
was being able to think carefully through issues relating to
interdisciplinarity; issues and orientations. This included
working with a multidisciplinary team assembled for a river
catchments project.
Alice Hills
Val Jones
Garry Marvin
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