IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 36

Professor Tim Thornton
University of Central Lancashire
University College
The specific focus of philosopher Tim Thornton’s research
during his Fellowship was the emergence of pathology from
difference and a broader area of research concerning the
nature of mental disorder (including its normativity). He
developed three papers on the emergence of meaning, and
normative notion, within interpretation. This latter area is the
subject of his Insights article.
Kai Weise
St Mary’s College
UNESCO consultant Kai Weise’s visit to Durham from Nepal
supported research development around cultural heritage
and specifically in relation to Durham’s World Heritage site
with particular comparison to the Asian experience.
Tim Thornton
Kai Weise
‘The research atmosphere of the University
as a whole is clearly thriving. The life of the
mind is well supported by academic and social
Professor Tim Thornton, University of Central Lancashire
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