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Professor Nicholas Saul
Modern Languages and Cultures
Nicholas Saul is Professor of Modern German Literature and
Intellectual History in the School of Modern Language and
Cultures. His research focus is interdisciplinary, in particular
the interrelation of literature and science. He has written
books on intertextuality and discursive power in literature
and homiletics around 1800 and Gypsies in nineteenth-
century German literature and anthropology. The focus of
his Christopherson Knott Fellowship was a forthcoming
book on
Interrogations of Evolutionism in German Literature
The period of this Fellowship allowed him to specifically
focus on the concluding chapter on the literary
representation of Darwinian thought in Germany.
Professor Martin Clayton
Martin Clayton is Professor in Ethnomusicology. His research
interests include Hindustani (North Indian) classical music,
rhythmic analysis, comparative musicology and early field
recordings, British-Asian music and Western music in India.
The Christopherson/Knott Fellowship allowed Professor
Clayton to progress his book project
Musical Interaction
is expected to be published in 2018. Participation at several
IAS seminars and events were of particular benefit.
Professor Richard Bower
Richard Bower is Professor in the Department of Physics.
His research is shared between observational and theoretical
cosmology and in particular, he works on the formation and
evolution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies.
The aim of his Fellowship was to look at the emergence of
humanities understanding of the Cosmos, by contrasting
explanations from ancient times to modern cosmological
computer simulations. He sought to show that the questions
raised by previous generations are still as relevant today, and
to see how the issues raised by Aristotle (for example) would
be answered by a modern cosmologist. Professor Bower is
progressing several articles on the basis of this research.
The IAS administers the award of three annual Sir Derman Christopherson/Sir James
Knott Foundation Fellowships on behalf of the Universityís Research Committee.
These Fellowships allow gifted Durham University researchers a termís leave from
teaching, with recipients automatically granted IAS affiliate status.
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