IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 42

Navigating Interdisciplinarity.
Workshops organised by
Professor Veronica Strang (IAS) and Professor Sandra Bell
Negation, Possibilization, Emergence and the Reversed
Seminar by Professor Richard Read (University of
Western Australia)
Nonconscious Cognition and Material Processes.
Seminar by Professor Katherine Hayles (Duke University)
On the role of the Constitutive Ideal of Rationality. Does
inter-personal understanding emerge from shared rationality?
Seminar by Professor Tim Thornton (University of Central Lancashire)
Seminar by Professor John Heil (University of
Washington in St Louis)
Progress and Duration in the Long Nineteenth Century.
Workshop organised by Dr Tom Stammers (History)
‘Race’ and Emergence: thinking ‘race’ as the ‘yet to come’.
Seminar by Dr Andrew Baldwin (Geography)
Reinterpreting Authenticity – From Exclusive to Inclusive
Cultural Heritage.
Seminar by Kai Weise
Relative Autonomy, Socio-cultural Tractories and the
Emergence of Something New.
Seminar by Professor Howard
Morphy and Frances Morphy (Australian National University)
Relevance and Emergence.
Seminar by Professor William
Downes (University of East Anglia)
Same as it ever was? Causality and Africa’s Police.
by Professor Alice Hills (School of Government and
International Affairs)
Postgraduate Research Symposium.
Symposium organised by Matthew Funnell (Earth Sciences)
and Katie Woolstenhulme (Theology and Religion)
The Emergence of Law.
Seminar by Professor Peter Cane
(Australian National University)
The Emergence of the Posthuman in Dietmar Dath’s ‘Die
Abschaffung der Arten’ (2008; ‘The Abolition of Species’):
Narrative, Event, Complexity.
Seminar by Professor Nicholas
Saul (Modern Languages and Cultures)
The Experience of Emergence.
Workshop series organised by
Professor Nicholas Saul (Modern Languages and Cultures)
The (In)Adequacy of the Emergency Paradigm.
Workshop organised by Professor Fiona de Londras (Law)
The Origin of the Universe: seeking contemporary answers to
ancient questions.
Seminar by Professor Richard Bower (Physics)
The Qanât: Archaeology and Environment.
organised by Kristen Hopper (Archaeology) and Julian
Charbonnier (Geography)
The (Re)emergence of Governance in a Region of Fragile States:
the Horn of Africa.
Seminar series organised by Professor Alice
Hills (School of Government and International Affairs)
Tipping Points in Modelling.
Seminar series organised by Dr
Camila Caiado
Tracks: walking with animals in the past.
Seminar by
Professor Garry Marvin (University of Roehampton)
Ustinov College Annual Conference
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