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Public Lectures and Debates
A World Emerges,
by Professor Pat Waugh (Durham University)
Beastly Anthropology: working in human-animal worlds,
by Professor Garry Marvin (University of Roehampton)
Cities, Networks and Infrastructures: the urbanisation of (in)
by Dr Martin Coward (Newcastle University)
Complex Systems and the Greeks: the trajectory of emergence,
by Dr Mark Usher (University of Vermont)
Digital Studies: the emergence of a paradigm for the
by Professor Katherine Hayles (Duke University)
and Professor Bernard Stiegler (University of Technology of
Emergence of the Mind,
Professor Sir Colin Blakemore FRS
(School of Advanced Study, London)
Emergence of the ‘Plain Style’ in 17th Century England,
by Professor William Downes (University of East Anglia)
Emergence and ‘Top Down’ Causation,
by Professor John Heil
(University of Washington in St Louis)
Emergent Causation and the Philosophy of Mind,
by Professor
David Papineau (Kings College London)
Emergent Effects in Automated Finance Trading Algorithms,
by Professor Katherine Hayles (Duke University)
Evolution of Vulnerability,
by Professor David Geary
(University of Missouri-Columbia)
Exceptionalism in Law and Politics,
by Professor Peter Cane (Australian National University)
Envisioning the Arab Future: modernization in US-Arab
relations, 1945 – 1967,
by Dr Nathan Citino (Colorado State
From the Dark Ages to Dark Matter: medieval perspectives on
modern science,
by Professor Michael Brooks
India’s idea of Asia: uniting diversity,
by Nirupama Rao
(Watson Institute, Brown University)
Intermediate Filaments,
by Dr Stephanie Portet (University of
Metamorphic Emergence: narrative modelling of species
by Professor David Herman (English Studies)
Pathology or Difference? On the ground rules for defining
mental illness,
by Professor Tim Thornton (University of
Central Lancashire)
Portraiture and Emergence,
by Professor Ludmilla Jordanova
(Durham University)
Public Spending in Ancient Democratic Athens and Today,
by Dr David Pritchard (University of Queensland)
Simplicity and Complexity,
by Professor Jon Barrow FRS
(University of Cambridge)
Smart but Small (and Disappearing): the future of mobile health
by Dr Val Jones (University of Twente)
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