IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 44

The Cultural Evolution of Social Change: a view from
evolutionary anthropology,
by Professor Ruth Mace FBA
(University College London)
The Flat Ontology of Emergence,
by Professor Graham
Harman (University in Cairo)
The Emergence of Civilisation and of State Society,
Professor Lord Colin Renfrew FBA (University of Cambridge)
The Emergence of Nonconscious Cognition,
by Professor Katherine Hayles (Duke University)
The Improbable Emergence of Complex Life,
by Dr Nick Lane (University College London)
The Journeys of the Djan’kawu Sisters – Ancestral Presence
in Australian Aboriginal Art,
by Professor Howard Morphy
(Australian National University)
The Relational Emergence of Scientific Ideas Between the Human
and Non-human,
by Professor Tom McLeish FRS
The Reversed Canvas in Colonial Art: the emergence of
western painting and ‘Coming into Hiding’ of colonial peoples,
by Professor Richard Read (University of Western Australia)
The Wide Computational Spectrum in Simulating Emergence,
by Dr Kalyan Perumalla (Oakridge National Laboratory)
Theorising Climate Change and Human Migration: affect,
politics and the future-conditional,
by Dr Andrew Baldwin
There is Nothing New Under the Sun,
by Professor Barbara
Graziosi (Classics and Ancient History); Professor Colin
McFarlane (Geography)
What is the Anthropocene? Or, Negu-anthropology as New
Critique of Philosophical and Scientific Anthropology,
by Professor Bernard Stiegler (University of Technology of
Unimagined Communities: census categories and the
submergence of Australian Aboriginal forms of sociality,
by Frances Morphy (Australian National University)
Waiting for Tipping Points: police development in Africa
Professor Alice Hills (School of Government and International
What Characterizes Emergence in Physics?,
by Professor Margaret Morrison (University of Toronto)
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