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Postgraduate Activities
Researchers of Tomorrow
One of the aims of the IAS is to engage the research
postgraduate community with its programme of events
and its Fellows, and to provide them with the opportunities
to explore the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary
research. The IAS provides research postgraduates with a
unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with some
of the most distinguished international scholars. They have
access to a full range of activities including workshops,
seminars and lectures sponsored by the IAS.
Through IAS funding, postgraduates and early-career
researchers have the opportunity to organise and host
conferences and workshops. The IAS supported several
postgraduate events during 2014-15 including:
The Qan‚t:
Archaeology and Environment
a three day workshop which
brought archaeologists, water engineers, geographers,
and historians together to discuss the state of research on
technology across the old world (the Middle East and
Central Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe); a day
long research symposium organised by the editorial board
on the theme of
; the annual
meeting of
Postgraduates in Ancient History
provided an
opportunity to welcome postgraduates from across the UK
and allow the opportunity to present research findings,
receive feedback, remain up-to-date on wider research and
to network;
Abnormality and the Abnormal in the Nineteenth-
was a one-day conference which explored
and reflected upon categorisations, explanations, and
implications of abnormality in the long nineteenth century,
asking what the abnormal says about long nineteenth-
century constructions of aberration, deviancy, and normality;
and a
Research Symposium
organised by postgraduates from
St Johnís College promoted interdisciplinary discussion with
a focus to foster a scholarly community within the college
and gave the opportunity for postgraduates to present their
research to a wider audience.
These sponsored events allow postgraduates the valuable
opportunity not only to develop key organisational skills
essential in modern academia, but also to facilitate the
exchange of disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary
knowledge and expertise: they provide the opportunity
to broaden research networks, identify common areas of
research and shared interests and importantly they facilitate
the chance to increase awareness and interest in the
scholarly research being undertaken not only by Durham
University postgraduates but those elsewhere in the UK and
The IASís support also continued with a funded day-
long bespoke workshop,
Writing Articles for International
Publication in Peer-Reviewed Journals in the Humanities &
Social Sciences
. The workshop was designed and tailored
specifically for final year PhD candidates or beyond who
were working on a current journal article. The hands-on
format gave participants the opportunity to engage in a
variety of activities and exercises that for example, tested out
arguments against journal editorsí key criteria etc.
The IAS has a solid and longstanding relationship with
Durhamís dedicated postgraduate only college, Ustinov
College. In 2015 the IAS sponsored the inaugural
College Annual Conference
which also marked the 50th
anniversary of its establishment as a graduate society.
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