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In close collaboration with Ustinov College, the IAS
sponsored postgraduate journal
. The board of
under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief,
, delivered issue 6.2, a special issue on Feminism.
This edition drew upon work and papers presented at a
Durham-based conference from June 2014.
The interdisciplinary character of
is reflected
in the cross-section of research appearing in the journal.
The peer-review process provides detailed feedback to
postgraduates from postgraduates, and enables early-career
researchers to see how their work interacts with research
being conducted by their peers.
Postgraduate - Kaleidoscope Symposium
Papers at this symposium included:
Thomas Spray
Re-writing the Vikings: the
emergence of ethnic-nationalism
Matthew Warren -
Magic from the Fields: the jew’s
harp and nineteenth century romanticism
Sarah Lovell -
Romantic Echoes: the emergence
of existential philosophy
Isabelle Parkinson & Amy Macdougall -
Significant data: using statistical visualisation tools
to examine the role of the poetry anthology in the
emergence of a literary movement
Sally Stone -
Don’t read any more – look! / Don’t look
anymore –go!’: the post-catastrophic poetry of Paul Celan
Vanessa Schofield
- I Predict a Riot
Fran Bigman -
Sex without Reproduction,
Reproduction without Sex in Interwar Britain
Pina Sada -
Veiling the Streets: the hijab, resistance
and street art
Keynote by IAS Fellow Dr Nathan Citino -
Emergence and
Cultural Encounters: debating middle eastern history
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