IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 5

from the social and physical sciences, the arts,
and the humanities. The theme encapsulated the
core aims of the IAS: it fostered interdisciplinary
collaboration and shared the distinct strengths of
different approaches to research questions.
Fellowship year attracted a
distinguished and diverse cohort spanning
the arts and humanities, social sciences and
sciences including cognitive developmental
and evolutionary psychologist Professor David
Geary; literary critic Professor Katherine Hayles;
philosopher Professor John Heil; computational
scientist Dr Kalyan Perumalla; art historian
Professor Richard Read; social anthropologist
Professor Garry Marvin; anthropologists
Professor Howard Morphy and Frances Morphy;
philosopher Professor Margaret Morrison; lawyer
Professor Peter Cane; biologist Dr Stephanie
Portet; and philosopher Professor Tim Thornton.
The IASís commitment to fostering world-class
interdisciplinary collaboration saw the delivery of
an exciting array of projects and activities. The
result was a range of events and conversations
engaging both the academic community and the
wider public. Public audiences were offered open
lectures, debates, interactive workshops and
exhibitions that enabled them to engage with the
work and ideas emerging from the Institute and
Durhamís wider research agenda. This included
the UKís first ever Festival of Humanities:
, the IAS lecture series,
Thinking About
, and a popular Durham Book Festival
There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
In addition to seminar series, public lecture
series, workshops, conferences and research
conversations during the year, the Institute
supported, sponsored and funded many events
including a public lecture and seminar series
Experience of Emergence
, which explored the
significance of the phenomenon of emergence
in the horizon of the Arts and Humanities and
the Social Sciences. Over several months this
sustained programme sought to build on the
achievements of the Durham Leverhulme-funded
Tipping Points
project and featured several of its
leading contributors. The series aimed to theorise
the phenomenon of emergence in consciousness
in specific fields, from evolution and primeval
culture, to literature to social media to social
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