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Baldwin, W.A
(2015) ‘Premediation and White Affect: climate
change and migration in critical perspective’,
Transactions of
the Institute of British Geographers,
41, pp. 78-90.
Baldwin, W.A
(2016) ‘Resilience and Race, or Climate
Change and the Uninsurable Migrant: towards an
anthroporacial reading of ‘race’’,
Resilience: international
policies, practices, discourses.
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law.
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Caiado, C.C.S.,
& O’Brien, M
(2016) ‘Evaluating Reproductive Decisions as Discrete
Choices Under Social Influence’,
Philosophical Transactions
of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
, 271(1692):
Bentley, R.A.,
Caiado, C.C.S.,
& Ormerod, P. (2014) ‘Effects
of Memory on Spatial Heterogeneity in Neutrally Transmitted
Evolution and Human Behavior
, 35(4), pp. 257-263.
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Brock, W.A., Bentley, R.A. & O’Brien, M.J.
(2016) ‘Fitness landscapes among many options under social
Journal of Theoretical Biology,
405, pp. 5-16.
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& Fitzgerald, D. (2015)
Interdisciplinarity across the Social Sciences and
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Cane, P
(2015) ‘Judicial Control of Administrative
Interpretation in Australia and the United States’, in Wilberg,
H., Elliott, M (eds.)
The Scope and Intensity of Substantive
Review; Traversing Taggarts’s Rainbow.
Oxford and Portland:
Hart Publishing, pp. 215-239.
Chapman, R,
Wylie, A.
Material Evidence: learning
from archaeological practice.
New York: Routledge.
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Geary, D. C
numerical foundations of young children’s mathematical
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology,
132, pp. 205-212.
Citino, N.
Envisioning the Arab Future: modernization
in US-Arab relations, 1945–1967.
Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press.
Edensor, T
(2015) ‘Introduction: sensing and perceiving with
light and dark’,
The Senses and Society,
10(2), pp.129-137.
Edensor, T
(2015) ‘Light Art, Perception, and Sensation’,
The Senses and Society,
10(2), pp.138-157.
Edensor, T
(2015) ‘Blackpool: Blackpool illuminations –
modernity, nostalgia and taste’ in Isenstadt, S., Petty, M.M.,
Neumann, D (eds.)
Cities of Light: two centuries of urban
Routledge, pp.58-66.
Authored Books,
Collections and
1. Rethinking Interdisciplinarity
across the Social Sciences
and Neurosciencs: with
permission of Springer
3. Material Evidence:
image courtesy of ©
Oxford University Press
2. Envisioning the Arab
Future: image courtesy
of Cambridge
University Press.
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