IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 53

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Moore, J.D.
A Prehistory of South America: ancient
cultural diversity on the least known continent.
University Press of Colorado.
Morphy, H
(2016) ‘Extended lives in global spaces: the
anthropology of Yolngu pre-burial ceremonies (star operator)’,
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society,
22(2), pp. 332-355.
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(2016) ’Theories and Models’ in Humphreys, P
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Haslett, J.,
Sweeney, J., Doan, T.K., Allen, J.R.M.
Huntley, B
(2016) ‘Joint Palaeoclimate Reconstruction
From Pollen Data via Forward Models and Climate Histories’,
Quaternary Science Reviews ,
151, pp. 111-126.
Parnell, A.C., Sweeney, J., Doan, T.K., Salter-Townshend,
M., Allen, J.R.M.,
Huntley, B
. &
Haslett, J
(2015) ‘Bayesian
Inference for Palaeoclimate with Time Uncertainty and
Stochastic Nolatility’,
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society:
Series C (Applied Statistics),
64(1), pp. 115-138.
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(2015) ‘Exact-Differential Large-Scale Traffic Simulation’,
Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGSIM Conference on
Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation,
pp. 271-280.
Sun, C, Arino, J,
Portet, S
(2016) ‘Intermediate Filament
Dynamics: disassembly regulation’,
International Journal of
Portet, S,
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(2015) ‘Keratin Dynamics: modeling the interplay between
turnover and transport’, PLoS One, volume 10, 2015.
Pritchard, D
(2017) ‘Sport and Democracy in Classical
50, pp. 50-69.
Pritchard, D
(2015) ‘Democracy and War in Ancient Athens
and Today’,
Greece and Rome,
62(2), pp. 140-154.
Prosser, S.
Experiencing Time.
Oxford: Oxford
University Press.
Read, R.E
(2015) ‘Circling Each Other: Henry Moore and
Adrian Stokes’ in
Henry Moore: Sculptural Process and
Public Identity,
Tate Research Publication.
Read, R.E
(2016) ‘Possibilization and Desuetude: the politics
of the reversed canvas as thing-object’,
Journal of Media and Culture, 27.
1. A Pre-history of
South America: image
courtesy of University
Press of Colorado
2. Experiencing Time:
image courtesy of
© Oxford University
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