IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 56

Beastly Anthropology: working in human-animal worlds
Professor Garry Marvin
Cities, Networks and Infrastructures: the urbanisation of (in)
with Dr Martin Coward
Complex Systems and the Greeks: the trajectory of emergence
with Dr Mark Usher
Desktops to Supercomputers: the wide computational spectrum
in simulating emergence
with Dr Kalyan Perumalla
Digital Studies: the emergence of a paradigm for the
with Professor Katherine Hayles and Professor
Bernard Stiegler
Emergent Causation and the Philosophy of Mind
with Professor
David Papineau
Emergent Effects in Automated Finance Trading Algorithms
Professor Katherine Hayles
Emergence of the Mind
with Professor Sir Colin Blakemore
Envisioning the Arab Future: modernisation in US-Arab
relations, 1945-1967
with Dr Nathan Citino
Exceptionalism in Law and Politics
with Professor Peter Cane
Intermediate Filaments
with Dr Stephanie Portet
with Professor John Heil
Pathology or Difference? On the ground rules for defining
mental illness
with Professor Tim Thornton
Portraiture and Emergence
with Professor Ludmilla Jordanova
Public Spending in Ancient Democratic Athens and Today
Dr David Pritchard
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