IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 57

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Audio recordings from many public lectures are available at:
Smart but Small (and Disappearing): the future of mobile health
with Dr Val Jones
The Cultural Evolution of Social Change: a view from
evolutionary anthropology
with Professor Ruth Mace FBA
The Emergence of Civilisation and of State Society
Professor Lord Colin Renfrew FBA
The Evolution of Vulnerability
with Professor David Geary
The Improbable Emergence of Complex Life
with Dr Nick Lane
The Reversed Canvas in Colonial Art: the emergence of
western painting and ‘Coming into Hiding’ of colonial peoples
with Professor Richard Read
The Journeys of the Djan’Kawu Sisters - Ancestral Presence in
Australian Aboriginal Art
with Professor Howard Morphy
Theorising Climate Change and Human Migration: affect,
politics and the future-conditional
with Dr Andrew Baldwin
Unimagined Communities: census categories and the
submergence of Australian Aboriginal forms of sociality
Professor Alice Hills
What Characterises Emergence in Physics?
with Professor
Margaret Morrison
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