IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 6

action, and evaluating the gains (or losses, or
problems). A year-long workshop series funded
by the IAS and AHRC
Emergence: where is the
brought over 30 speakers to Durham
over four 2-day workshops exploring philosophical
and scientific characterisations of strong
emergence, to critically examine evidence for and
against its existence, arising from the natural and
social sciences, and philosophical accounts of
human agency.
The Institute continued its commitment to the
postgraduate community and the next generation
of scholars. It reframed its half day publishing
workshop to a tailored individual full day session
specifically for postgraduates with journal articles or
monographs in development. The IAS also funded
several postgraduate events and the postgraduate-
led journal,
continued to flourish.
Postgraduates were also encouraged to make
the most of opportunities to engage with the IAS
Fellows through the Institute’s weekly seminar
programme run across the 6-month Fellowship
The Institute’s home at Cosin’s Hall remains pivotal
for both hosting these scholarly communities and
by fostering a creative environment to Fellows and
Durham colleagues alike. Its location on Palace
Green at the heart of the City of Durham offers
a peaceful scholarly, yet inclusive and friendly
environment to all those associated with us. The
Institute is available throughout the year to host
activities including research conversations, seminar
series, receptions, public lectures, launches,
meetings, book readings and other events.
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