IAS Annual Report 2014-15 - page 60

The Institute of Advanced Study continues to play a central
role in the Universityís internationalisation strategy and
support Durham University fully in its commitment to
research excellence and scholarship. The IAS embraces
the full spectrum of disciplines, from across the arts,
social sciences to the sciences. It offers visiting scholars
the freedom to come together and experiment with new
forms of collaboration. The dialogues across disciplines
that it engenders not only compare different disciplinary
perspectives but also create new intellectual ones.
The IAS continues to flourish: building upon existing
collaborations and strengths, and seeking to stimulate new and
creative interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations. The
IASís door is always open to welcome new scholars and policy
makers to the Institute.
Through the continuation of the fellowship scheme, IAS
themes, and a full programme of activities and events,
encouraging and supporting both pre- and post-thematic
research activities, the IAS is an ongoing invitation to help
build capacity, realise potential, develop new ideas, and
meet the challenges of a changing world.
The theme for 2015/16 is
and it is intended to
generate a dialogue between disciplines, and between
academics and research users, about the role of evidence
in academic enquiry, policy and everyday life. This dialogue
will explore how evidence is constituted; how it is read,
understood and evaluated; and how it is used. Information
becomes evidence when it is assessed in relation to specific
questions and discursive practices. This is a recursive
relationship: evidence and the framework in which it is located
are mutually constitutive.
A further 20 Fellows from Austria, Australia, Canada, Italy,
the UK, and the US, will join the Institute in October 2015
and January 2016 to collaborate with Durhamís scholars and
engage in the programme.
The IAS remains very appreciative of the support it
receives from the Senior Officers at Durham University in
its work to achieve its aims and from colleagues across
the Faculties, Departments and Colleges. Their direct
involvement in engaging with themes, nominating Fellows,
participating in events and generating research ideas is
vital to the development of collaborative projects and the
production of outputs that support Durhamís research
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