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Professor Barbara Graziosi
Barbara Graziosi has been Professor of Classics at Durham
since 2010. She was educated in Trieste (Italy), Oxford and
Cambridge, was appointed Junior Research Fellow at New
College, Oxford, in 1999, and held a summer fellowship at
the Center of Hellenic Studies, Harvard University, in 2005.
Her most recent book The Gods of Olympus: A History
(London, 2013) traces the travels and transformations of the
Olympian gods from Antiquity to the Renaissance, exploring
how they evolved from objects of religious cult to symbols of
the human imagination. She is currently directing a major
research project, funded by the European Research Council,
on biographies and portraits of the ancient Greek and
Roman poets.
Professor Martin Ward
Martin Ward is currently the Head of the Department of
Physics, and also holds the Temple Chevallier Chair of
Astronomy. He has previously held positions at Cambridge,
Oxford and Leicester, before coming to Durham in 2004. He
is an observational astrophysicist whose research interests
include black holes and quasars. He was a consultant for
the European Space Agency and is involved in the next
generation Hubble Telescope project. He is interested in
science public outreach, and has been a guest on Patrick
The Sky at Night
and Melvyn Bragg’s
In Our Time.
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Barbara Graziosi
Martin Ward
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